The Cockburn Collection

One of the earliest collections of tartan from this period is the Cockburn Collection, housed in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. It was collected by General Sir William Cockburn between 1810 and 1820, probably woven by Wilson's for the general, and has remained intact where almost all of Wilson's output was thrown out long ago, leaving only the pattern books.

The Highland Society of London

The Highland Society of London was a club for gentry having highland connections, and it became an important institution for preserving tartans, partly through the mistaken conception that there had been "named Highland clan tartans".

From 1815, efforts were made to obtain authentic clan designs, signed and sealed by Clan Chiefs, of their clan tartans. Whilst many clan chiefs had to find a tartan for the purpose, within a year 74 specimens had been found and the process continued although the samples were sometimes damaged by moth, separated from their authentication and remain unpublished to this day.