Trade Tartans

If the difference between a coloured pattern and a tartan is that the latter carries a message representing a Clan, Family, District, Business or an event, then some Trade Tartans can hardly "own" the name they carry. The problem is that patterns are given names by large commercial organisations partly for reference and partly to address new markets, and may be place names or similar.
These names are recorded to avoid confusion and are then, by use and usage, adopted as, say, a new District Tartan. Examples are Loch Rannoch and Glen Trool.

Some weavers have produced trade tartans which they hope will be adopted over time by use and usage. These have no official recognition but often answer a demand in the market. The set of Irish District ones by House of Edgar in 1996 are an example (see Waterford). However, there are trade tartans for which official recognition is unlikely or impossible (see Scottish National).

Waterford Tartan
Scottish National District Tartan