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Scottish Tartans World Register: Saltcoats (Saskatchewan) 
Saltcoats (Saskatchewan)  3157

This tartan was created to express appreciation for the rich Scottish heritage but also the multi-ethnic roots of Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, past and present. In the 1880s the town was originally named Stirling, hence the grey in the pattern representing both the stone of Stirling Castle and homespun for the ordinary folk who peopled the area. The other colours are to represent the seasons and the flora and fauna: green for the prairie grasses and trees, yellow for the grain and fields of canola, red for the courage of the pioneers and those of the services, light blue for the wide prairie sky, dark blue for the loyalty and faithfulness of the churches and organizations that have lived out years of community service and stewardship, white for the snows of winter. Originally the design had black in it for the rich black soils found in the area but to keep the number of colours to six it was substituted with dark blue in the final weave.
Joan Farquharson for Saltcoats (Saskatchewan) Town Council
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