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Scottish Tartans World Register: Prestoungrange/Dolphinstoun/Wills 
Prestoungrange/Dolphinstoun/Wills   WR2518

Incorporates the tartans of the Kerrs, Morrisons and Grants who are all names involved with the Prestoungrange barony. Since September 1999 those of the barony of Dolphinstoun which includes the name Wills may now use this tartan. This makes it a general name tartan for the name Wills. From 27th July 2004, the Prestoungrange Barons Courts have ruled the tartan to be used as a' Distict ' tartan by those living in the former baronial lands as defined by the Countess of Hyndford in the 17th Century.
The source of tartan 2518 was: Scottish Tartans Society
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