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Scottish Tartans World Register: Murray of Tullibardine 
Murray of Tullibardine Family Tartan  WR441

James Grant, in his book, 'The Tartans of the Clans of Scotland' (1886) says, "That tartan called the Tullibardine is a red tartan, and was adopted and worn by Charles, the first Earl of Dunmore, second son of the first Marquis of Tullibardine ..in 1679 (he) was lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Grey Dragoons..." The same sett is shown in the earlier work of the Smith brothers, 'Authenticated Tartans..' (1850) This is the sett shown in the famous picture of the Chief of the MacLeods, Normand MacLeod, at Dunvegan.
The source of tartan 441 was: Smith No 62
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