The Over Check

The over check breaks up the under check pattern. It is made up of a series of thinner stripes that modify the broader swathes of colour. Some designs take the over check to the limit but then tend towards a texture.

Over Checks from the Centre
To a two-colour Rob Roy under check of red and black may be added a thin black stripe in the midst of the red under check and a yellow stripe within the black under check to make the Wallace. This is the simplest over check, the single line within the under check creating a cross within the under check.

If a single line is added, away from the pivot, then it becomes a double line either side of the pivot. This device is very popular in two-colour checks and may be seen in Lindsay, Erskine designs and the Ramsay of Dalhousie, and forms a part of many more complex tartans, being present at a single pivot within Campbell, Robertson and Ross.

The Red Robertson is interesting also for splitting a dark under check into different dark colours, the overcheck creating the illusion of a single red ground.

The centre and off-centre idea can be combined into a triple band, often with a broad centre and narrower lines beside. This may be seen in Baird, Monroe and Sutherland.

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